Selection of our work

Soffit and Facia Clean – Renfrew

Ambassador Living – Power Wash of Building and Soffit/Facia

Recently, we had the pleasure of undertaking a rewarding project for a valued client – a newly built house in need of a comprehensive exterior power washing. Additionally, our task extended to cleaning the soffits and fascia, a  process that required intutition and precision to access hard-to-reach areas where scaffolding was unavailable.

In the absence of scaffolding, we ingeniously employed ladders and long lances, allowing us to access and clean even the most challenging and awkward areas. Our team’s expertise and steady hand guaranteed that no corner was left untouched, resulting in a thoroughly cleaned and refreshed exterior.

In addition to power washing the exterior walls, our meticulous attention extended to the soffits and fascia. Understanding their role in safeguarding the home’s structure, we took extra care to clean these crucial components, clearing away any dirt or debris that could impede their functionality.

Throughout the entire process, we prioritised the integrity of the house and the safety of our team. Our adherence to strict safety protocols ensured a smooth and secure operation, as we diligently manoeuvred ladders and long lances to access the elevated areas.

At the heart of this successful endeavor lies our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service and results. Despite the absence of scaffolding, our resourcefulness and expertise enabled us to overcome challenges and exceed the client’s expectations.