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Jet Wash Block of Flats – Glasgow

Power Wash of Flats for AS Homes

Recently, we had the privilege of completing a challenging yet rewarding project for a company with whom we have fostered a strong and longstanding relationship. Tasked with the crucial job of power washing a recently constructed block of flats, entirely comprised of brick, our team was determined to showcase our expertise and dedication to excellence.

The primary objective was to restore the building’s exterior to its pristine condition by meticulously removing all dirt, grime, and stubborn cement splatters, while ensuring utmost care to preserve the integrity of the brick joints. We understood the importance of striking a delicate balance between powerful cleaning and gentle treatment to safeguard the structure’s architectural features.

Drawing on our extensive experience and equipped with state-of-the-art power washing equipment, our skilled team conducted a thorough assessment of the building’s exterior, identifying areas requiring particular attention. Employing precision and a keen eye for detail, we proceeded to eliminate dirt, grime and cement splatters that had accumulated during construction.

Throughout the entire project, adhering to health and safety standards was paramount. Given the existing scaffolding on-site, we ensured strict compliance with safety protocols, mitigating any potential risks. The safety of our team, the property, and the surrounding environment was a top priority throughout the power washing process.

Our dedication to quality, safety, and professionalism shone through in the final result. The recently built block of flats was transformed, exuding a renewed sense of cleanliness and vibrancy. Our commitment to preserving the structural integrity of the brickwork, coupled with an adherence to health and safety standards, further reinforced our reputation as a trusted and reliable partner.