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Fish Market Clean – Glasgow

Deep Clean of Fish Market Storage Area

In response to a request from a longstanding client, a company for which we have been providing regular office cleaning services, we were entrusted with the crucial task of meticulously cleaning and revitalising their downstairs area specifically designed for the cutting and storing of fish.

To accomplish this, we implemented a combination of specialised techniques. The first involved utilising scaffolding to effectively access and clean the ceiling, ensuring no area was left untouched. This method allowed us to meticulously eliminate any accumulated dirt, grime, and residue that had settled over time.

Simultaneously, we employed alternative strategies to address the cleaning of the walls. Our experienced team applied strong yet safe chemical solutions, specifically formulated to combat the stubborn stains and odours typically associated with seafood processing facilities. With utmost care and precision, we carefully scrubbed the walls, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive clean.

Throughout the entire process, our commitment to safety was unwavering. We diligently adhered to industry standards and protocols, guaranteeing the use of chemicals that were both effective and environmentally friendly. Our priority was to achieve optimal cleanliness and hygiene while ensuring the well-being of the environment and the individuals involved in the cleaning process.

By employing scaffolding for the ceiling and utilising a combination of safe yet powerful cleaning agents, we were able to successfully transform the space. The result was a pristine and revitalised environment, free from any remnants of fish-related activities. Our meticulous approach, supported by the use of appropriate equipment and chemicals, exemplifies our dedication to delivering exceptional cleaning services while prioritising safety and the highest quality standards.