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Roughcast Clean

Roughcast Clean for Customer

One of our recent cleaning projects involved the delicate task of cleaning a section of roughcast on the gable end of an occupied house, located behind a drain pipe that had developed a green buildup. Our team was tasked with the challenge of cleaning the area thoroughly without causing any damage or loosening the roughcast.

Understanding the importance of preserving the integrity of the roughcast, our skilled cleaners approached the cleaning process with utmost care and precision. We carefully inspected the area to assess the extent of the green buildup and determine the most suitable cleaning methods.

Utilising our expertise in specialised cleaning techniques, we employed gentle yet effective cleaning solutions that were specifically formulated to remove the green buildup without compromising the stability of the roughcast. Our team diligently worked to ensure that the cleaning process was carried out in a controlled manner, preventing any unnecessary stress or strain on the roughcast.

Throughout the cleaning process, we prioritised the safety of the residents and their property. We took measures to protect the surrounding areas from any potential damage, ensuring that the cleaning operation was carried out with the utmost respect for the homeowner’s property.

The result of our meticulous approach was a successful restoration of the roughcast to its original appearance, free from the green buildup. The house now stands as a testament to our ability to deliver effective and careful cleaning services, even in challenging situations.